Tuesday, January 27, 2004

there are these kids on the bus who always throw things around. every morning they have some stupid thing that they just can't help but pitch at everyone else.

every morning, for the whole forty minute bus ride.

is it really that fun to throw stuff at people? shouldn't they be getting bored of it already? What's so fun about tossing disgusting garbage around?

They sure seem to be having fun though, laughing like horses. Mom says they'll be mopping the floors i walk on when i grow up, and that i shouldn't worry about them, but if they keep laughing like that when they're old, then what's so bad about mopping floors?

Wednesday, January 21, 2004

a list of things that i am not allowed to talk about in my internet journal:

-where i live
-what i look like
-my school
-places i hang out
-who my friends are
-my town, city, state or province.
-anything personal at all
-my banking information

of course i still have to write about something, or my parents are going to start limiting my internet time.

"be productive!"
"you're like a hermit!"


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